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Thanks Allen...  Not much use me going there though ..My Math was basic as 
necessary..  Never ever took time to call numbers prime..  odds and evens 
sufficed.  LOL

but thanks anyway, as I did wonder at Mccanny's being real..  a la bonafide .. 
in science.  He seems to have NASA on the defensive, does not accept the apollo 
reality as a done deal, and has a different view on cosmology, going for an 
electrical rather than Newtonian universe. , which I don't understand, not 
having read any of his books.. His religion?  is strangely new ager, our 
destiny is out in the stars etc, real startrekkie stuff..  but then I think 
Asimov whose science I admire was a bit like that.  

I cannot imagine his plan to duplicate Teslas tower project to get any 
support... Imagine the effect on all our computers let alone anything 

an old trekkie myself, 

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  I donʼt subscribe or care much for Jim Macanny's views, however he gets 10 
points for his Book and DVD on calculating primes........I recommend this to 
anyone interested in math...Yes he has a winner and Yes he will be richer for 
it...his method is valid and does solve for all prime numbers and itʼs 
factors........He did a excellent work in taking much of number theory on 
primes and applying them all to produce a coherent and reliable way of 
calculating any number of primes and all factorization of any prime number 
................ ..they say the man who invented sliced bread did not invent 
slicing nor did he invent bread he only demonstrated the use of the two 
together.................wow! It really works . ....Maybe he's a "one hit 
wonder" i guess...:) 


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