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No worries Paul..  I pulled out of the discussion. As not having fallen a long 
enough distance in any tin box, nor ever experienced being in orbit,  I am not 
really qualified to speak on the subject, without presuming that everybody in 
the sciences of physics since the beginning of time are liars..  

Meanwhile I did find this interesting article on weightlessness, which shows I 
did not know everything..  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weightlessness and that 
a lot of us loosely apply terminology.. How many times have we encountered that?

eg  "Weightlessness (roughly speaking) occurs when"   and 
In the center of a planet a person would feel weightless because the pull of 
the surrounding mass of the planet would cancel out. More generally, the 
gravitational force is zero everywhere within a hollow spherically symmetrical 
planet, by the shell theorem.

Doesn't that open the mind to what happens to pressure , something I have never 
thought about.  Without thinking I would have said the highest pressure would 
be at the centre..  Totally wrong.. Hmmm. \

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  Philip M 
  Sorry if I pre-empted you there. I assure you I in no way doubted your 
competance -- I just got a bit annoyed and spontaneously jumped in.
  But your question? Yes I did. It's embarrasing when you criticise something 
your adversary didn't say. I don't pretend to have comprehended it all though.
  Paul D

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  So I ask -- what part of this do you not understand? 
  Paul D

  Ok Paul, ....This is what i do not understand......read in full..............

  HO! HO!   You didn't did you, Paul? 



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