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Yes Philip, but it his time that is at a premium. I suggest that we ask Regner to ignore the day-to-day bantering that we get up to and just concentrate on the main issue. As you say 'it could be a hard one to answer'.


philip madsen wrote:
getting sidetracked
I hope not Jack .. We are just doing our usual natter whilst waiting .I know he has a hard one to answer. It'll take time, and this is background stuff dont you think? .. Philip

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    Philip etc.
    Do you not think that Regner is getting sidetracked from the 1st
    of the 5 points - the M & M experiment?


    Regner Trampedach wrote:
    Regner in dark red (only one paragraph).

    philip madsen wrote:
    Allen I do not get any coherence from you here.
Are you trying to rewrite the physics book.. Acceleration is change of direction or velocity. end of story. A body in circular motion is accelerating.. You can't change that. Also you rubbish and joke about relativity and yet try to call
    on it often in support of your jokes..
As regards relativity, I support practical relativity so long as
    anything Einstein or his supporters says does not come into
    it..  The real relationship between moving bodies. To bring in
    frames of reference is a convenience for calculations .Like I
said to the passenger in the jet, the ball dropped 18 inches. . It is not a reality.. Well it does not have to be a reality.. Practical relativity.. When you drop a ball in a moving train
    it only looks like it moves in a straight line..  It doesn't..
    Its an illusion...  Just as seeing the sun rise could be an
    Why is it an illusion?!?!
    Why isn't it just a matter of perspective?
    Both are equally real - they just depend on where you watch from.

          - Regner

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