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Allen Daves wrote:
It is one kind...sure..but not the only kind.... laser gyroscopes& accelerometers.....are my favorites.....they need no ref external of them selvs to show motion any motion free fall or not in any grav field....

Sorry, Allen, but quantum or not, a gyroscope measures  change of orientation
and accelerometers measure accelerations - those accelerations can only be with
respect to an inertial frame. Both a free-floating, constant (but any) velocity frame
and one free-falling in a gravitational field are inertial frames. That has been
confirmed by observations over and over again. Ask the crew on the International
Space Station, for example.
  Eh, - and how would you measure a constant velocity (is part of your "any motion")
with an accelerometer or a gyroscope, for that matter?

      - Regner

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Allen D
ref your post -- allendaves@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wed Jan 30 18:55:19 2008
Does this meet your definition of a quantem accelerometer?
Quantum accelerometer -
Title:Quantum tunneling cantilever accelerometer Document Type and Number:United States Patent 4638669 Link to this page:http://www.freepatentsonline.com/4638669.html

Paul D


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