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  Here it is ..quick & rough....
  18.5 miles per second average speed * 60 sec for min * 60 min for MPH = 
66600MPH or 
  The ~ avg change over the course of a year is 3.4%* 66600= 2264.4     / 365.4 
days=6.2038 MPH per day /24 hours = .25840166 MPH change per hour   
/60min=.00430819444 MPH change per min ??There are 5,280 feet in a mile 
.0043081944 MPH = 22.747266432 feet ( or 6.933366807864
  meters) per min   /60 to convert to seconds = .3791 feet per sec/ per second 
change ( or .11554968 meters per sec per sec). This is  a change in velocity of 
 ~4.5 inches per sec/ per sec  Or 11.43 centimeters per sec per second
  There is now way to consider this amount to be inertial change negligible. 
The effect rate of change regardless of how fast the earth is supposed to be 
traveling because only the rate of any change from the effective inertail 0 is 
  This means that the velocity change of the earth going around the sun is not 
just moving 4.5 inches ever second but changing by 4.5 inches per sec. During 
the earths closest approach to the sun (such as traveling in a moving car)if we 
experience 0 velocity change because we are traveling with the earth then 
whatever the current velocity is would be felt as 0. However, the rate of 
change just as in a moving vehicle would be changed if we "give it some gas" 
and in this case the rate of change would be a increase ~4.5 inches every sec 
every sec. This is to say we on second one we increase by 4.5 sec on second two 
we have increased to 9 by second three we have increased to 13.5?.the rate 
makes for a exponential distance traveled curve.  In any case this is the rate 
of change. Assume for the sake of argument that your body could not  detect 
that  change rate, current instrumentation however ( acelerometers) are able to 
detect that amount of inertial change to almost infinite
 amounts, and they are not "aetheraly" depemdent).  

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Not me. 

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      Since the earth changes its speed throught it's orbit, has anyone out 
there ever calculated the actual acceleration force changes to the earth as it 
moves back and fourth through its apogee and perigee elliptical orbit around 
the sun? 

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