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Dear Bernie,
That's exactly the way I feel, but I had never actually put it into words. If 
you totally remove all conspiracy theories you would be left with a world that 
looks truthful, fair, honest, moral and knowing that the people in power have 
integrity and all of our interests at heart.

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  Greetings all.

  Is there any event among human endeavours in which you believe -- which is 
NOT a conspiracy?

  Paul D

  Below: Found on the internet. Quite humorous I thought.   bb

  Vast Conspiracy Against Me

  I must be the most important human being ever to exist, because some sort of 
higher power is doing everything it can to make my life a living hell. 
  When I say I'm human I'm probably wrong, I think that maybe I am a different 
race to everyone else, because everyone else's life is so perfect, and this 
does not vary from person to person. Therefore being "human" is to have a 
perfect life in every way which is the polar opposite to mine. Humans possess 
the ability to teleport themselves and objects short distances ( to shunt 
themselves around in queues and to grab things before I can, etcetera ). Humans 
tap into the Great Social Psychic Kollektive in order to know each other's 
thoughts and feelings, hence no-one ever has a failed relationship other than 
me. This is because they all know instantly what others feel about them ( never 
negative emotions, as humans are so far removed from anything short of heaven 
than they cannot comprehend negative emotions ). To a human, imagining 
suffering is like imagining a four sided triangle. Human is like the opposite 
of pain. The clips you see on TV about poor children in Africa or homeless 
people are propagandas released by this higher power in order to give the 
impression that
  people other than me ever suffer, but the truth is they are all wealthy, 
powerful people, just like you, and just like everyone other than me.

  Human mating rituals are interesting. Normal procedure is for the male to 
drug the female through weed or alcohol or other means,
  have sex with her and then abandon her. Females love this. There's nothing a 
  loves more than to settle down with some guy, as long as he gets her drunk 
and buys her things. Access to money, physical power and good looks are the 
only things women look for.

  The higher power has the ability to perform minor manipulations of time and 
space to make my life hell, such as increasing the pressure in a soda bottle so 
it will explode when I open it, no matter how still it is. It can also teleport 
a wall in front of doors and teleport it out again quick enough for me to walk 
into it but also so that no-one else sees it. As it is clearly a powerful 
entity, it taps into the Great Social Kollektive and psychically commands its 
legions of brainless morons ( Evil People ) 
  to despise me on sight. Random attacks in the street are common.

  I have been analysing this entity since I was born and have learned much 
about humans and it. It seems that what makes human lives so perfect must be 
some sort of gene or device, which I lack, making me non-human. I have grown up 
without this and have learned to struggle through life without the crutch of 
perfection. Can you imagine? My every wish is not fulfilled and I have to put 
actual effort into achieving things, while simultaniously competing with both 
humans and the entity that is bent on my destruction. I'm fighting every single 
one of you and also a god or diety, yet I have lived for 46 years.

  I know why this entity despises me. I am living proof of that which humans 
possess to make their life perfect is not neccessary to life. I am a living 
billboard of freedom from The Kollektive. I make you feel uncomfortable when 
I'm near. When I pass by you in the street, you want to kill me. You despise 
everything I stand for - freedom from society. Operatives come to subtly 
undermine my life. But I have lived through all their attempts. They are 
usually successful at making me miserable, but all attempts on my life have 
failed. They have tried to drive me to suicide but my rage and hate for Evil 
People and their benefactors drives me forward.


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