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No one has picked up on this posting of yours, perhaps for the same reason that I did not at first, namely the fact that I did not know how to respond to it.

Since we have lightly touched upon creation/evolution recently, I thought it appropriate to make a comment which encompasses several ideas being thrown in right now.

Firstly, I have to disagree with Philip's position that creationism is unscientific because we finally reach a stage when the answer becomes, "God did it."

Secondly, one of the starkest differences between evolution and creation is in the value of death itself. Death is the 'friend' of evolution, because 'natural selection' makes no headway without it, but it is one of the two main enemies of creation, since it destroys that which was created.

Hence, thirdly, I would say that your comment about this lady's death being a greater loss than someone who has achieved much less tends to place you in the evolution camp, because if she really has achieved worthwhile things, then she is not dead at all, but alive in spirit.

Just my thoughts, for your consideration, and for the courtesy of acknowledging your mail.


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Greetings all.

I have never met any of you, yet I believe I have a fair handle on who you are and what you are -- everyone an individual. I've interacted with all of you -- faceless to be sure but none the less real. May I share with you an event in my life this day?

I mentioned recently my participation in a low key philosophy class run by a local women's co-operative ( I'm the only male -- sometimes it's hard to get a word in! ) Last Friday morning there was an elderly lady sitting just to the right of my customary seating place -- a lady who had attended also the previous Friday and who was unknown to me. It transpires that this lady was the Phyl (Phyllis) who was a number of times mentioned during previous classes in the way that those who stand out are often mentioned.

During the week I had received a phone call informing me that there would be no class today (Friday) because one of the students had passed away -- name mentioned but not discernable due to the poor quality of reproduction offorded by my answering machine -- that the funeral would be held at a local address at 10h30 and that the class would make a group attendance. So I resolved to swell the numbers and discover just who it was who had passed away.

Well you will no doubt have discerned that it was the lady who sat on my right the previous Friday, whose name I had not til this morning discovered and to whom I had not spoken.

This morning I was to discover my loss. This was a lady of persevearance, intellect, accomplishment, culture. It became obvious from the eulogy just why she was held in such hig esteem. We are all of us diminished when anyone dies, the incredible complexity of any life ended, but when it is the cessation of outstanding individuals, how much greater is the diminution?

Phyl died the day that she sat on my right.

If it is truly relevant, I'm sure she would appreciate your thoughts.

Requiscat in Pace

Paul D

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