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Have no dout you & Phil are are convinced beyond all repoof…...but as I said…. 
1. Paul, Regergitaing popular ignorance ..the very ignorance that is 
inquestion,  is not a demonstration of your argument.!? It certainly is not a 
demonstration of error in mine... 
What contitues motion and rotation is the question under 
scrutiny!?!?!??!?!…..berrycenter or not there is still only one common point of 
progressive radial orientaion ...  
2. Real world not just imaginations shows only a prevention of rotation not a 
rotation in the plate tether ball and rotation & orbit 
table....ummmm.......there is only friction that can be demonstrated to prevent 
rotaion not any rotational force….this is experimetaly verified...but like so 
many things you guys prefer to imagine the opisite as "true reality" This goes 
for Mercury, the tether ball  and all the atoms in that spining top too.. :-)

3. Experiment shows no rotation that can be isolated from the orbit…what you 
call a rotation is the orbit…only one progressive radial oreintaion to a common 
point that lay outside the body ....... In fact experiment shows that in order 
to sync the orbit and what you call the rotataion is to take away all 
additional motion and force beyond the orbit itself…. 
The Moon/ mercury…. is making a progressive radial orientation to a point that 
lay outside the diameter of the Moon/murcury . . . there is no difference 
between having that point inside or outside the diameter of the Moon/Murcury it 
is still only one motion. If it had a progressive radial orientation to some 
other point that lay internal to the Moon like its librations then that motion 
could be demonstrated without the other motion, ..punch line:..IT CANN'T . . . 
but simply because the common point lay outside the Moon does not necessitate a 
second common point . . . there is only one motion and revolution not two. 
........but keep wishing guys.....if you wish hard enough and use more of your 
imagination then maybe you will be able to create whole new universes with 
whole new physics and leprecons, unicorns, dancing fairies and real Santa from 
the north pole..although I guess Santa does not count coz.. we all know he 
realty does exist in reality he is just magical and that is why we can’t 
observe him or distinguish him from the snow at the north pole… ....lol 

om allendaves@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sun Dec 14 23:42:54 2008 -- contains an 
illustration identified as "2 tether ball.png". In the text of that 
illustration, you state inter alia, "This is the same as Mercury's 
Gravitational lock. The tether is gravity. The tether prevents rotation of the 

There is no gravity lock. Mercury ROTATES on its axis once in 58.6467 days and 
REVOLVES about the Sun in 87.970 days. The ratio is precisely 1.5:1. The 
direction of these motions are both prograde so that the length of its day is 
175.940 days which gives it a day of two -- Mercury -- years. 
Lower in your post we also have - 

Hint: as with the tether ball and the synchronous orbit of mercury.( it keeps 
the same side facing the sun at all times).......
As I've shown above, you are wrong -- it doesn't.
On this matter -- listen to Philip. If he doesn't convince you of the error of 
your ways -- and indeed, even if he does -- some time in January of the New 
Year, I expect to present evidence which will positively pulverise your 
Paul D

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