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Yes, I agree with this, too. In fact, I have a friend who has a very small video camera and Steven and I were thinking of asking to borrow it once we have an object far enough away that we could record.


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I was thinking that everthing could be modeled from a single store bought globe. You just need a way to attach the camera.

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Actualy the diagrams I posted demonstrate a very similar model that i had but mine was not very compact or pretty i'm affraid  (it was downright bulky and ugly) and still required a marry go round or somthing for the annual rotataion   .......I don't have a photos of it........I would like and need to build a perfected "streamlined" version that acuated mechanicaly and automated such that there would be no "play" in the mechinim...In fact I think I will patent it and sell'em for a fortune..... so you all better take the diagrams and go build your own before I own the pattent and become filth rich..........LOL.....  Ironicaly all of the conditons for star trail photography have alredy been taken, such that if the motion did take place as prescribed by HC it would have shown up on what we alreday have available....... My diagrams are models that you can build to simulate (as long as you use the real polaris) the HC motions in a very short period of time without getting any interferince from the real nightly rotation.... Im working on figuring out the best way/ materials to build this with

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