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  • Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 22:41:37 +0100

Dear Neville,
1    I said I wasn't going to discuss the Trinity with you and I won't. 
2    It needs a least 2 to discuss anything.
3    I am not asking you to discuss i.e. engage in further 2-way exchanges, the 
4    I am challenging you to respond to the scriptures I listed in my e-mail 
WITHOUT any fear of me responding. This is a promise. Your reply is for my 
information only.
5    Would it help if I changed my mind and offer to discuss it further with 
you just so I can get your slant on the Trinity scriptures that I provided you 
6     I would think that most of the Christians on this forum would love to 
hear why you reject the Trinitarian scriptures, assuming they care enough about 
you as I do.
7    If you do not want to comment, that would command more respect from me 
than the semantic dodging you have currently employed. 


PS I do care about you Neville that's why I keep going.

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  Dear Neville,

  Yes I said that I wasn't going to discuss the doctrine of the Trinity any 
further, that still stands, I shan't be discussing it with you. 





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