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  • Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2008 17:02:48 -0700 (PDT)

1. The difference between observations and cause of the observations. Lets get 
the "facts" strait........The fact that "orbits work in the solar system" is 
not nor was it ever in question that is a silly and irrelevant statement..... 
There is no question the motions exist...... However, the fact those motions 
exist does not tell you which one is in real v relative motion ( if there is 
such a thing..thatʼs kinda important..) it certainly does it tell you how those 
motions can only work the way you imagine them to work without assuming that 
very conclusions about the very "facts" you claim as the base for that proof! 
Simply seeing the orbits does not prove anything....that is a silly and 
ignorant argument. 
2. The "official" current MS definition of gravity is based on GTR 
..............If he had any understanding about Gravity in GTR he would already 
know without having to be shown that in GTR as per GTR "Gravity" is claimed to 
work just as well in both systems HC/AC v GC.........via Mach's Principle 
3."It doesn't matter much how gravity works.". This statement demonstrates 
complete ignorance of cosmology and celestial 
mechanics.........wow....Eienstein and even modern cosmologist were and are 
even to this day all just wasting there time..!? How gravity works is of the 
upmost importance ..again observations that gravity is doing something does not 
prove how or why or even to what extent it works...... If it does not mater how 
gravity works....then........what was the imperative for dark matter and dark 
energy again?!...Then there is the pioneer 10 & 11 "anomalies" the experimental 
observations that the inverse square law is only a rough approximation 
...galaxy structures donʼt even conform to the "gravity" of all those orbits 
working in the solar system!!!!!!!!....oh, but it makes no difference because 
"orbits work in the solar system" ....well gee then......does that prove that 
gravity is really magic fairy pixy dust, because either this argument
 is complete ignorance about gravity and orbital mechanics or he wishes to give 
"gravity" all of the magic properties of pixy dust..........!? 
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It doesn't matter much how gravity works. It is easily established that it 
does. How? Simple parallax and positional measurements, together with radial 
velocities (and in more recent times bouncing radio signals off the planets) 
have conclusively established how orbital motions and orbits work in the solar 
system. Case closed. Debate ended. Facts triumph.
Either way "basic physics" not only does not answer the gravitational anomalies 
but also does not tell you how gravity works at all ( push v pull ). Chalking 
up everything that does not fit to "anomalies" is hardly scientific evidence 
for the gravity of "basic physics"...... and if you don't know how gravity 
works you can't claim "basic physics" and certainly can't claim gravity as a 
validation for the HC ( heliocentric ) explanation for celestial mechanics when 
you don't even know what gravity is or how it works... and what's worse just 
ignore everything that does not fit your ideas and fool oneself into believing 
it demonstrates ones explanations...???... well sure it does...  just ignore 
everything that does not fit and only focus on and consider the things that do 
fit. Never mind the fact that one does so only by assumptions... that is not 
science nor is it basic physics, that is called imagining things! Gravity is 
the "glue" but if you
 don't know how the glue works... i.e. push v pull and/or other variables...... 
to make an appeal to "basic physics" and gravity... is nothing more than a 
copout, hoping no one will notice! Allen Daves

D.L. wrote:
Mutual attraction between objects and the inverse square law for gravity 
are easily demonstrated in the lab with a torsion balance. Basic physics 
would be a plus here.



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