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... I will ask a question  to everyone.....if i am on a planet of one earth mass that is falling toward the sun will i have any weight and how much will i weigh and why?.....

Your weight is a force and is therefore given by Newton's F=ma, where m is your mass (in kg for example) and a is the acceleration (m/s/s) produced by this force.

There will be a force acting on you directed towards the centre of the World, where the acceleration resulting from this force at the World's surface is g m/s/s. And there will be a force acting on you and directed towards the centre of mass of the Sun, where the acceleration due to this at the World's surface is g' m/s/s. These will be acting in opposite senses.

Your weight, W, will therefore be
                                   W = mg - mg' = m(g - g') N
and will act towards the centre of the World until such time (since the World is in 'free fall' towards the Sun) as g' = g, when you will become weightless. Then, as g' > g, you will be pulled off the World and fall into the Sun before the World does. I.e., your weight would be constantly changing.

The above assumes that you are positioned on the same side of the World as the Sun and that you are not an 'extended' object, at least not in relation to the strength (size) of the gravitational field of either the World or the Sun.


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