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Jack L
I hesitate to comment here as I don't wish to antagonise you but I just have to 
know -- what possible real connection do you perceive between Copernicus and 
Darwin? I can think of no reason why either of their propositions could not 
have existed entirely without the other. They do after all address entirely 
different mechanisms.
Paul D
PS I have no intention of getting bogged down in any debate over this issue.

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Dear Neville,
just in case you haven't read any of the material that Bernie flagged-up, I 
thought that this telling piece evolutionary philosophy might be of interest to 
This quotation is by Darwinist writer, Roger Lewin:

The Copernican and Darwinian revolutions dislodged humans from a position of 
centrality in the universe of things. Nevertheless, even if humans are accepted 
as the product of an evolutionary process in common with other species, it is 
still possible to view Homo sapiens as a special product of that process and 
indeed as its ultimate goal.[i]
Where did the 'ultimate goal' come from? heliocentrism and Darwinism clearly go 
together. Without heliocentrism Darwinism would never have got off the ground.
Jack Lewis

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