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Not about science but relevant to subjects raided. Just out today,

May 04, 2008 NA (Network America) e-wire

Top Media Jews Commit This Year's "Holy Week" Atrocity

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go to war against the NeoCons during the rest of the 2008 campaign. Be 
there is you want to go to war against the NeoCon agenda in the rest of 
the 2008 campaign.)

We have covered for several years that almost every year there is during 
Holy Week a virulent attack committed on Christianity by the top Jews in 
control of the media, sometimes in conjunction with the behind the 
scenes Judeo-Masonic shadow government (that must be brought down if 
Christian civilization is going to be revived and restored).

One year it was the arrest of Elian Gonazalez on Good Friday so he could 
be brought back forcibly to the monster Castro in Communist Cuba, 
courtesy of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Thug-Attorney Greg Craig, and 
other assorted Clinton Administration officials and police goons blindly 
following their hellish orders.

In a more recent year, it was the starvation of Terri Schiavo on 
worldwide TV, in which millions of pathetic Americans parroted the line 
that food and water could be withheld from Terri Schiavo because she was 
"brain dead." Even without food and water Schiavo survived for almost 14 
days, something many of the people cheering on her starvation could not 
have done. (Schiavo's death was agonizing, with her eyes darting around 
near the end and amidst painfully heaving breathing as she became 
completely dehydrated; the true account was given by Fr. Frank Pavone of 
"Priests for Life", and others who were there in the last hours.)

And if "brain dead" was the criteria for withholding food and water, 
then all those cheering on her starvation should have themselves been 
forcibly starved. As my one friend said, "Put the people who are 
starving Terri Schiavo to death in a cage (including her husband and the 
judge), and when they start crying out for food and water about the 4th 
day, tell the #@$%A&*$ to "die with dignity."


Well, this year the anti-Christ atrocity isn't happening during Holy 
Week, with took place some weeks earlier, but it is happening. (Maybe 
the fact that this Network America ewire led the way year after year in 
pointing out these repeated Holy Week attacks on Christianity by the Big 
Media caused them to back off of their favorite Holy Week timetable this 


By the way, if any American is still so abysmally ignorant as to who 
controls the Big Media (the so-called Mainstream Media), then please go 
here: http://www.realnews247.com/who_runs_the_media.htm

There is an intro to "Who Rules America?", with a disclaimer as to some 
of the mean-spirited language and the group publishing it, and then the 
article itself complete with full cover pictures of the culprits who 
need to be arrested, tried, convicted, and punished for treason against 
the USA. This article is still by far the best short explanation about 
the subject that I have seen.


Tonight, May 4, 2008, ABC is running "Jesus, Mary, and DaVinci", based 
loosely on the novel by one Dan Brown, "The DaVinci Code", which was 
made into a fizzled movie a few years ago.

Tonight's show will examine the less than paper thin "evidence" that 
Jesus had a wife (Mary Magdalene), children, and still has a literal 
blood line in today's world, -- as well as the ever favorite topic of 
anti-Christ Jews running the Big Media: that the Resurrection of Jesus 
Christ was a hoax. 

Even though the top Pharisees of the time pressured Pontius Pilate to 
put soldiers at the tomb of the Crucified Jesus - and Josephus the 
historian says hundreds of soldiers were stationed there for at least a 
time - tonight's ABC piece will try to suggest that Mary Magdalene stole 
the dead body of Jesus from the tomb on the first Easter Sunday.

While almost everyone is stopping at the recent Dan Brown novel for 
where these ideas come from, --- in fact, these concepts come out of the 
Talmud, condemned by the real Catholic Church many times over the last 
1000 years. 

The Talmud is in fact a vile book which includes statements that Jesus 
Christ dies a horrible death every day by being boiled in excrement, 
that it was just to crucify Jesus, that it is OK to cheat Christians, 
deceive Christians, and "kill the best of the gentiles."

While almost all Jewish rabbis (who will never debate the issue in 
public) cry "foul" and "anti-Semitism" when such truths are raise in 
public, books by Israel Shahak, himself a Jewish scholar who died a few 
years ago at 85, and the works of David Klinghofer, a scholar who has 
also courageously admitted and analyzed some of these realities about 
the Talmud, -- tell the real story.

As the accomplished political author of "High Priests of War", Michael 
Collins Piper, says on his internet radio show occasionally: "Who put 
the mud in the Talmud?"

Other books where one can see these ugly realities are: "The Talmud 
Unmasked," by Fr. Prainatis, published circa 1904; "The Plot Against 
Christianity," by Elizabeth Dilling, 1964, (this book is online at 
Come-And-Hear.com (the exact URL is: 
http://come-and-hear.com/navigate.html ), and "Judaism's Strange gods" 
by Michael A. Hoffman II, 2003, available at RevisionistHistory.org.  

The Talmud, or at least most of it, was developed starting over 1800 
years ago about 200 BC when the Rabbis and Pharisees who rejected 
Christianity started to put together their own man-made defense of their 
now superceded religion.

There is an excellent lecture by E. Michael Jones, editor of "Culture 
Wars" on how the word "Jew" in the New Testament was not used as a 
racial term anymore by the Evangelists, but was used as a religious 
term, as many of the New Testament writers and leaders were themselves 
of Jewish lineage.

Christ condemns the Jewish leaders who were rejecting His message and 
working against Him in St. John, Chapter 8, verse 44 - and the verses 
surrounding it.


There is a steady diet of these Talmud-based attacks on Christianity 
from the Big Media and Hollywood. One of the more famous was, "The Last 
Temptation of Christ" in 1988. The top Hollywood Jewish mogul, Lew 
Wasserman, stated in a tiff against massive protests, including 
picketing at his house, that he would go ahead no matter how much money 
the movie lost. (So much for the absolutely false theory that Hollywood 
and the Big TV Networks are all about money, -- they will lose tens of 
millions to continue their assault on Christianity, and will simply be 
re-imbursed with newly printed money by their tribesman at the Federal 
Reserve Board when necessary, so they can keep control of all major 
media and keep going.)

Almost no one seems to realize that all of these attacks are 


The only production about Jesus vociferously attacked by the organized 
Jewish lobby, including Abe Foxman of the ADL, James Rudin of the 
American Jewish Congress, and Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal 
Institute, among hundreds of other Jewish leaders ---- was, you guessed 
it, "The Passion of the Christ" produced by Mel Gibson, because it was 
faithful to the actual Gospel stories. 

As Rabbi Louis Finkelstein wrote in his book, "The Pharisees" in 1930, 
the Jewish leadership that existed at the time of Christ, namely the 
Pharisees, exists today in an unbroken line. (If you could get an honest 
answer from 99% of the Rabbis of today to the question, "If you were 
there 2000 years ago, would you have voted with the High Priest Caiaphas 
to condemn Jesus Christ to death?" - the answer would be, "Yes, of 

The highly acclaimed Jewish Rabbi Maimonides, in the middle ages, stated 
blunted that Jesus had been exposed as a fraud, and was justly hung on a 
tree, or something to that effect. This was brought to public light by 
aforementioned Jewish scholar, David Klinghoffer, during "The Passion of 
the Christ" media firestorm in 2004.

The book, "The Plot Against the Church," by Maurice Pinay goes into an 
exhaustive account of the struggle between Talmudic Judaism and 
Christianity over the last 2000 years.

As Fr. Denis Fahey (1883-1954) puts it, "Those who persecuted Christ's 
physical body on earth, continue to persecute his Mystical Body down 
through the ages." (The "Foreword", the last of the three essays at this 
link, is good to read on this subject - it is found here: 


 A long used tactic by the big media moguls is to first raise an issue 
as serious, when the public accepts the opposite. 

This was done in the case of birth prevention pills, abortion, and is 
now being used in the case of "in your face" homosexuality. This is also 
the tactic the media is using to try to weaken Christianity with regard 
to the Resurrection of Jesus, and with the other matters that will be 
"raised" tonight in ABC's special, which was also discussed with "great 
seriousness" on last Friday night's "Nightline."

I just wanted to make sure everybody knew where these ideas and 
aggressions against Christianity were actually coming from.

***** Our Sunday night, May 4, 2008 conference calls, are at 9 PM EST, 
and another at Midnight EST (9 PM PST). 
The phone and pin are: 641-715-3200; 1064662# -- be there if you want to 
go to war against the NeoCons during the rest of the 2008 campaign.

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