[geocentrism] The Aether - What is it?

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  The Aether - What is it? 
   Aether (sometimes colloquially shortened to ether) is an ancient concept 
dating back into antiquity. The spelling "Aether" is used to help avoid the 
inevitable confusion of its similarity to the chemical compound ether, thus the 
old saw, "Aether is the medium of space while ether is the gas that knocks you 
out". However, although it is technically incorrect, both spelling are 
currently used interchangeably.   Thus, in its most basic form, aether is 
nothing more than a distributed physical medium permeating the entire universe, 
endowing it [space] with measurable physical qualities. Einstein readily 
acknowledged this when, in 1920 (See "Sidelights on Relativity", A. Einstein, 
Dover Edition 1983 Page 23), he said:     "? space is endowed with physical 
in this sense, therefore, there exists an ether."
  It is more important to point out here what aether is not required to be. 
Aether is not a preferred reference frame (it could be, but isn't required to 
be). The specific properties of the aether are not defined, as should be clear, 
from the above basic definition. To be a preferred reference frame, the aether 
and matter must be assigned certain characteristics, which is encompassed by 
specific models of aether. It is these specific variations and conceptual 
models that, once defined, can be evaluated and tested.   Contrary to popular 
myth, modern science isn't incompatible with, and does need, the aether 
concept. In fact, modern science could not be defined without incorporating 
some form of its definition into its foundation. Let's remember that the basic 
definition of aether is nothing more than a "physical medium permeating the 
entire universe, endowing it with measurable physical qualities". Currently, 
modern science uses the term "fields" or "fabric" instead of
 aether, since the term aether has become associated with a specific set of 
19th century conceptual models considered to disproven and thus invalid.

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