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Regner I worry how you can enter discussions with the diversity of junk mail 
presented, but I guess a few filtered words like Catholic, Bible and God and 
Jew and ... might help if you have a filter..  The problem is people do not 
keep subjects within the subject line..  I try. 

Well Jack, I can get what the original intended, this time round.. It startles 
a little at first because the diagrams look so similar, and it is necessary to 
actually identify the bodies S and E which have their roles reversed. 

But is it a manipulative trick?  If the sun moves around the earth, then also 
the stars N and F every day. 

Thus looking at the bottom pic, when the sun is at the top, marked July, the 
stars N and F should be vertically above, and likewise in January, vertically 
below..  because they also rotate around the earth with the sun, less the 
annual increment.. or plus I'm not that good at astronomy. 

I feel that the viewing angles might still fulfill the requirements, as the 
bottom diagram is trying to show, but How? 

Regner who has a mind tuned to planetary motions, should be able to answer, if 
this is so..  and if my memory is true, I think he did say or acknowledge that 
parallax would not distinguish or prove either system..  

thanks.. Philip.
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  Some time ago someone offered two diagrams depicting stellar parallax, but I 
can't remember who.
  This caught my imagination and I decided to tidy-up the drawing and 
explanations. Would the originator of the attached drawings like to confirm 
that my understanding is correct?



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