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Your post seems strangely geared toward sowing confusion and resisting progress. Perhaps you are on one of your Devil's Advocate trips, but please do not take such positions for the hell of it.

The windows of the shuttle reflect light , just like in a railway carriage at night. Of course you would need to turn off the lights, or else press yourself right up against the glass.

The Moon has no such effect, because there is nothing for the light to reflect off. Specifically, there is no atmosphere. Look away from the surface and there is no light entering your eye except from ... the stars.

No one here is "grasping at straws." Why are you so reluctant to accept this NASA U-turn on seeing stars?


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But Philip they did actually see them!!!! So What was Artmstrong talking about?
Jack, I don't have your imperative that they should even bother to look at the stars.  Certainly other more important things like ' its a vacuum outside this suit' etc. will keep them focussed. I mean thats a dangerous environment.
But as regards the moon view of them, keep this in mind. Notice that the ISS crew had to turn off all the lights and be out of the suns rays before they could see the stars.  Now those lights would have nowhere the brilliance of the surface of the moon in direct sunlight. The sun could not be turned off.  I would imagine the iris of their eyes would be pinpoints. Also the visors would have to be tinted to reduce glare, and filter other radiation, especially heat.
We suspect a hoax, but we reduce our credibility by grasping at straws.

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