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  • Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 05:52:52 -0800

Dear Jack,

Yes, a valid point, and I don't claim to have the answer to it. I do recall that the Americans were dead against anyone going up and therefore I can speculate that it was for the same reason that they do not seem very happy about the Chinese programme.

I know that some have suggested that one of the Space Shuttle 'accidents' was instigated by the fact that some of the crew were going to spill the beans regarding the visibility of the stars, but I must emphasize that I mention this only for completeness, since I am not presently persuaded to accept this view.



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Dear Neville,
Great explanation, but I do have one query. Presumably all the shuttle astronauts must be under some pressure to maintain this lie, what about the jokers who paid to go into space with the Russians?

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