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Yep sorry.  
This seems toscotch an idea I had, which by the way came not from Asimov, but a 
Bible group promoting the flood and describing the preflood sky...Sorry Isaac!  
 this was an interview with Morgan pictured. 

Earlier today, Morgan and Drew fielded questions from students at a Challenger 
Center for Space Science Education in Alexandria, Va., the second of three 
educational events planned for Endeavour's mission. Today's session held 
special significance for Morgan because the event was hosted by June Scobee 
Rodgers, founding chairman of the Challenger centers and widow of Challenger 
commander Dick Scobee. Morgan was Christa McAuliffe's backup in the original 
Teacher in Space program and trained with the Challenger astronauts. snip

In one of the more interesting exchanges, a student asked if the astronauts 
could see constellations in space from their lofty perch above Earth's 

"You know, initially when we first came up here, both the space shuttle and the 
space station were both very lit up, almost like a small city, and it made it 
tough to see anything," Drew said. "Actually, I had an easier time seeing stars 
in Houston. Last night, we turned out all the lights on both the shuttle and 
the station, looked out the window and it as a glorious sight out there. You 
could see the entire Milky Way, you could see the dust clouds of the Milky Way, 
I think Barb even saw a shooting star beneath us last night. We saw thunder 
storms over the world, it was pretty fabulous, you could make out all the 
constellations in the sky." 

"It was interesting," Morgan said, "it started out in the orbit we were in, we 
were at night time and we were looking out at the night sky and all the things 
Al just described we could see. We were traveling over Africa at the time, but 
looking out at the night sky. And then as we got to the Indian Ocean, it was 
black, black, black and that's where we saw all the thunderstorms. And I don't 
think any of us had ever seen anything quite that bright, those flashes of 

"And then off in the distance, in another, say, 20 minutes or so, a thin blue 
line started appearing. And that blue line got thicker and thicker, it started 
to get a little blurred and all these different colors of blue were in that 
line and we realized we were looking at the horizon with the sunrise coming and 
we could see layers of cloud in that horizon. Within just a few minutes, our 
faces were totally lit up and the space station was shimmering, the solar 
arrays were just like the orange filaments in your toaster, they were just 
shimmering, bright, bright, bright gold. It was a beautiful sight." 

I don't think NASA would fake that... and it is very easy to work out why the 
stars do not turn up in photos, either at ISS or the moon..  You'd need time 


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  Mirror, not lens. 

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    Isn't that why they put the Hubble telescope up there so it would be free 
of atmospheric distortion?

    Exactly..  A lenze mind you free of the atmospheric impurities and 
distortions..   only it was faulty wasn't it..  so I heard..  

    But you are right... we must pursue this again.. Neville will recall we 
have been here before. 

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      Surely you don't really believe that they would ignore the stars? You 
didn't comment on NASA's artist impression of what the stars would look like 
above the atmosphere. 

      Isn't that why they put the Hubble telescope up there so it would be free 
of atmospheric distortion?



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