[geocentrism] Re: Ships Hull for Regner

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Dear Steven,
Could it be that the horizon (below the cross hairs) is too small to resolve as 
per the hull on it?


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  Hi Phillip,

  But the elevated view position is simply the laws of perspective again. 
Further, why is the following true:

  1. Observe with weak binoculars (5x) a ship disappearing until the hull is 
out of site
  2. Take a powerful landscape telescope (100x) and you'll see the hull is 
straight back in view again.
  3. If the powerful telescope is mercury leveled, and it has cross-hairs 
etched in the centre then why do we not see the horizon below the cross-hairs? 
The reality is, it's above!

  Proving the convexity of the Earth is going to be much harder than this, 
please try again all of you, I'm very interested.

  Best Wishes,


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