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Thanks, Amnon, for bringing up Setterfield and giving us the link.  I
further want to add the following specific link entitled "Setterfield
Simplified" within the bigger link you provided.


I have always found the thought of the speed of c slowing down to be the
final proof needed for the Bible, though it is interesting that as you say,
Setterfield is a heliocentrist.  But he is a heliocentrist who believes his
position proves the Bible correct.

Just why don't creationists think the Bible is geostatic--this is a big

At any rate, some have found flaws with his reasoning.  Particularly in his
collection of data about all the different measurements of "c" going back
300 years.

Here is a link to an ICR post by Gerald Aardsma, criticizing Setterfield and
his findings.  (Aardsma is a definite heliocentrist who once wrote "Can we
agree they are two different issues?"  -- referring to creationism and


I first heard of Setterfield in the early 1990's.  He must certainly feel
that he is onto something, having not given up under the undoubtedly intense
scrutiny all of these years.
The Setterfield Simplified article is very interesting.  Planck Particle
Pairs causing ZPE and all is way above my head but the article was
nonetheless easy to read.  If one doesn't have time to do the whole site,
this is a good (if fairly long) introduction.


Gary Shelton

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> Australian Barry Setterfield's decrease in the speed of light theory
> aroused much controversy, ire even, even in creationist circles.
> http://www.setterfield.org/
> Setterfield appears to be strongly Heliocentric and Relativistic.
> What are your opinions on his theories, including his latest on ZPE
> (Zero Point Energy), and on his theology?
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