[geocentrism] Scientists and Cosmology

  • From: Bernard Brauer <bbrauer777@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2007 10:07:01 -0800 (PST)

What are Scientists saying about the Truth of
  a non-moving Earth ( Geocentrism )? 
      Unfortunately, we cannot trust the MainStream scientists. They are also 
lying about 9/11,   the Apollo moon landing and global warming or they are 
silent about the truth,
  which is the same as lying. 
    Some of the possible reasons the scientists are lying   ? Emotional 
Weakness   Some scientists may not have the emotional strength to deal   with 
unpopular concepts such as Geocentrism.    ? Member of the Crime Network   Some 
scientists may be accepted members of the zionist crime network,   and some 
scientists may be working with the crime network simply for   money, sex, or 
some other reward.   ? Victim of the Crime Network   Some scientists may be 
blackmailed or threatened by the zionist crime network into remaining silent or 
supporting the official story of heliocentricity.    ? Disillusioned with the 
Human Race   Some scientists may have become so disillusioned with the human 
race that they ignore the world around them. Some of them may not have bothered 
to take a close look
  at heliocentricity, and others may have decided that the human race is so 
hopelessly corrupt and stupid that there is no point in trying to expose that 
  ? Stupidity, Greed, or Mental Illness
  A scientist is just a person who passed whatever school tests were set up to 
get a "Ph.D".
  Timothy Leary is a scientist, and so is Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski.
  If you were to put all of the scientists on their own world, it would 
definitely be a more intelligent world, but there would be mental illness, 
crime, fights, and other problems. 
  Scientists are just ordinary people with intelligence 
  Scientists are just created humans with an education; monkeys with a PhD.
"Moving Earth? I don't see anything strange about a moving Earth"
  Have you noticed that the scientists who work for chemical companies   
"discover" that their pesticides and other poisons are perfectly safe?   And 
that the scientists who do medical research discover that those same chemicals 
are dangerous? Scientists may be slightly more honest and intelligent than 
"ordinary" people, but that is nothing to boast about. Smelling slightly better 
than a dead fish is still stinking very badly.   
  It doesn't matter why they lie!   It doesn't matter why a scientist is lying 
about heliocentricity.   The important concept is that we are fools to trust 
anybody who lies.   The issue of cosmology has a tremendous effect on   
corporate profits, government policies, and the future of the world.   Since 
scientists are willing to lie about 9/11, why wouldn't they also lie   about 
cosmology and other issues of major significance?   The only issues scientists 
seem to be 100% honest about are the
  issues of no financial or political importance, such as the boiling point of 
  We need scientists we can trust!   We are fools to allow our government to 
create policies for cosmology when the only thing we can be certain about is 
that our government officials, scientists, and media companies are proven liars 
who routinely trick us out of our money, and trick us into wars.
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