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Sounds ironclad. Since Dick Elmendorf is a personal friend of mine, I suspect he'll be more than happy to get your payment of $10,000 to you at the exact same magnitude of motion that you've reportedly demonstrated for the World around the Sun. At his current age (perhaps already in his nineties), he should have no problem moving from his comfy chair to his check writing desk at exactly that rate of speed. And as you note, there will be plenty of unassailable direct observational evidence in support of Dick's motion toward his checkbook.

Don't spend all that cash in one place!


On Sep 17, 2007, at 6:32 PM, Neville Jones wrote:

No, of the World about the Sun. The Celestial Poles lecture, web page and Guided Tour talk (GU 3.0) demonstrate that there is no motion of the World about the Sun (and so it follows that the Sun must go around the World), but this was, if I remember correctly, the wording of the reward offer.

Requirement: Show positive proof for any motion of the World about the Sun.

Shown: Motion of World about Sun = zero.

Hence: Proof positive offered insofar as direct observational evidence in support of Motion = zero is there for all to see.


Therefore: Give us the dosh.


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...of the sun about the World?

Neville Jones <njones@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have applied, on behalf of Steven and myself, to Richard G. Elmendorf, of the engineering, design and fabrication company, Elmendorf, Inc., to claim the reward of US$10,000.00 being offered for proof positive that demonstrates some form of motion of the World about the Sun.

If successful, this money would be used to develop a bigger and better version of the Geocentric Universe simulation program.


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