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This guy is not only smart, but he's polite and debating in a proper manner. I hope that he joins our forum.


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Also, so that means if I send out 100 emails,
then I would get 4 responses, three of which
would be attacking me, swearing, calling me a kook,
take me off your list, etc.
But one response would be good enough
to post. And another reason for doing that
is to get back-up from the experts here for my reply.
And I do ask them, if they sound smart, to join this Geocentrism Discussion Group.

Bernie Brauer <bbrauer777@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Paul, I don't have a discussion group.
I have a one-pager that I send out to people
( journalists, scientists, anyone ) from time to time
and sometimes they respond. I find the addresses on the
internet. Maybe I would type in Google Search:
Faculty - Astronomy - South Africa
and then get a list that way. If I send out 25
one-pagers I may get one response. Then if it's good
I'll post it. It promotes Geocentism and I learn this

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