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  • Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 07:40:23 +1000

Paul this worries me!

Since Robert's comments have several times shown a lack of understanding of 
basic physics, I'm sure you can see my reasoning.

I have not so far seen any comments from Robert, except his occasional 
sarcastic funny, that indicate a lack of understanding in basic physics. 

What qualifications do you claim upon which you justify your criticism of his 
physics. ?

I would be pleased to have a couple of examples of his alleged erors in basic 
physics for examnination if you will.. 



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  Neville J

  Thanks for your immediate response to my last request re the puzzle and for 
your permission.

  I've been to my 'Sent' folder and extracted the three messages in question, 
and from the headers I also extracted the 'From' and 'To' lines all of which 
I've shown below together with your response (to which I am now responding).

  If you did not receive the earliest (to ntj005@xxxxxxxxxxx - address 
extracted from the header of one of your messages eg From: "Dr. Neville Jones" 
<ntj005@xxxxxxxxxxx>) then the second, to the open forum, I would have thought, 
would have elicited a puzzled response. Since it did not, I'm sure you can see 
why I deduced either preoccupation or apathy on your part. None were returned 
as not delivered, so I had presumed that they were in fact delivered.

  Concerning my question to Robert B about his PhD. This is at least the third 
time I've sought this information -- all requests either ignored or not 
answered. I don't know that I have any responsibility to explain to anyone why 
I ask a reasonable question in a forum such as this, but since I have no 
ulterior motive, I did this because I wished to know if the qualification was 
in any way relevant to the subject under discussion. You see there are quite a 
few people in this world who obtain a PhD from a questionable institution in an 
'easy' subject, and then prominently display it against their name when they 
publicly comment in a 'hard' subject area. The object of this action is to 
impress the reader and to convey the impression that they are qualified to so 
comment. Since Robert's comments have several times shown a lack of 
understanding of basic physics, I'm sure you can see my reasoning. You will 
have noticed that I do not make a practice of this -- either because the 
comments made indicate clearly that the writer knows whereof he speaks, or he 
has claimed no qualification.

  I hope this satisfactorily addresses your concerns.

  Paul D

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  From Dr. Neville Jones Fri Mar 23 21:53:11 2007

  Delivered-To: geocentrism@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  G'Day Paul, 

  Your statement to the group is worryingly inaccurate inasmuch as you have not 
"asked [me] twice" at all. You cannot claim to have asked anyone something if 
you have received no response whatever from that person to the question that 
you only think that you have posed. 

  Since I have now read and responded to your posting, you can claim to have 
asked me once. And, in immediate response to your request, I would be pleased 
for you to post the puzzle. 

  You also seem to be a little confused regarding doctoral theses, for 
otherwise what point were you trying to make by directing the following comment 
at Robert: "I have indicated previously that your comments show a very poor 
understanding of basic physics (btw -- you still haven't favoured us with any 
information about your PhD or the subject of your doctoral thesis -- is it 
something of which you are not proud?" 

  Best wishes, 



  From Paul Deema Wed Mar 21 23:34:37 2007

  To: Geocentrism@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Greetings all 

  I have asked Neville J twice for his approval to post a puzzle (which I wrote 
up initially for Martin S as he expressed interest) and conduct a competition 
to see how many of you can solve it. To date he has not responded so I guess he 
doesn't see the matter as important. However I will wait till Monday next, and 
if prohibition has not arrived by then, I will post it. 

  Paul D


  From Paul Deema Mon Mar 5 16:34:32 2007

  To: Geocentrism@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Neville J 

  Don't know how often you check your private mailbox, or how busy you are, but 
I did expect that in a week you would have found time to say yes or no. Please 
-- what say you?

  Paul D


  From Paul Deema Mon Feb 26 14:32:49 2007

  To: ntj005@xxxxxxxxxxx


  I promised Martin S a little puzzle which impressed me many years ago and 
having written it up, I'd like to run it by everyone so all can have a fair go 
at solving it. I propose that any queries requesting clarification, should I 
have failed to make the proposition clear, be aired and responded to on the 
open forum with solutions posted to me privately. After some time - say 14 days 
- the answer will be posted with the successful solvers indicated. 

  Since the forum runs under your aegis, do you offer me your permission? (I 
assure you that while the puzzle does not address geocentrism or theology and 
thus is 'off subject', it is quite innocuous and I cannot imagine the 
possibility of anyone being in the slightest way offended. In any event, though 
I don't know how these things work, I believe you are able to block anything 
you see as undesirable so the power is in your hands anyway). 

  Thanking you in anticipation. 

  Paul D

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