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Trouble with this view of Christs return in 70 ad, is that some rather 
remarkable things happen after his 1000 year rule has ended, things such as 
death and hell being thrown in the lake of fire, well we still have death dont 
we?, I also do not see the tent of God being with mankind at present, etc etc, 
in fact it looks very much to me as if the Devil is still running the world.

When Jesus talked about a "generation," he had just been talking about the sign 
of his prescence, and said the generation that saw these signs, would still be 
alive to see his second coming, not the generation that saw his first coming.

Pete Charlton     
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  Kevin Craig has this:


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          With respect to your last two post, the general thrust being we 
should take scripture literally. However, as you well know different people 
even the ones who hold that view only carry it in so far as their philosophies 
or doctrine allow. In the same way that some folks look at that verse and say 
see.. the sun moves..I look at Jesus remarks and say...see Jesus' 2nd coming 
took place just as he described in that generation, in the lifetime of those he 
talked with. In fact If Jesus did not come then what in the world is peoples 
faith in why are they Christian at all. If Christ did not do what he said he 
would do almost 2000 years ago what in the world makes folks think Christ will 
one day do it?! If His comments were not the literal truth of the matter, then 
how do you know how to "interpret the truth" that without first knowing what 
the truth is?! This is the same kind of questions the atheist and agnostics 
pose to those who do not take scripture at face value when it plainly states 
the sun moves and the earth. Folks missed Christ first coming looking for a 
physical king..they missed his second coming because......They are looking for 
a physical king...imagine that!....even after He specifically spoke to that 
effect otherwise.....What in the world are people looking for?!...Many are 
going to wake up one day and realize, after it is too late, God meant what he 
said and said exactly what he meant...."interpretations" were worthless.....the 
sun not the earth moves...and Christ did come exactly when he said he would to 
judge the world and that is what is taking place now.......they are being slain 
by the word of his mouth, when the first resurrection is complete then they too 
will be resurrected but with a much different fate, ....damnation ....because 
they "received not the love of the truth" nor did they " love His appearing" 

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            "Psalm 19 gives us an awesome look at the transforming power of God 
and his word. Verses 1-6 declare the glory of God's creation and the fact the 
heavens and skies are enduring evidence of God's existence and creative power."
             1The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth 
his handywork. 
             2Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth 
             3There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. 
             4Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to 
the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun, 
             5Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth 
as a strong man to run a race. 
             6His going forth is from the end of the heaven, and his circuit 
unto the ends of it: and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof."


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