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And Philip -- I'm amazed that you offered this as proof of God! And you call me 

Paul D

But that was the sole reason I offered it to you Paul.  (joking) But if you 
followed numerology deeply into the occult science, the mystery very much 
deepens. But gullible would be too harsh and incorrect a word for me to use. 
Narrow minded and bigoted the antitheses of an open mind, without any lateral 
comprehension or thinking process would be a closer definition. Being just a 
little bit gullible would actually be of help for you.   

gul·li·ble    (gŭl'ə-bəl)  Pronunciation Key  
adj.   Easily deceived or duped. 

[From gull2.] 

You are the extreme opposite of gullible!  You accept the consensus, of those 
in control, without question, perhaps because of fear of being duped by any 
alternative. I was not fearful of being duped, (by religion) because I trusted 
my reason and knowledge to assess, and verify. Yes certainly there is a type of 
smug superiority, moulded by growing up as a child with inferior physical 
attributes. There is no subject I am afraid to study. I know more medical 
science than my Doctor, as it applies to my body.  

You REFUSE to take any such risk. Otherwise long ago by now you would have 
checked out Fatima, verified it or proved it bunkum..  You have done nothing..  
Because you Know!!!! without checking.  Just as you KNOW there is no God, 
without checking.  I'd hate to be such a person..   

Likewise for any other supernatural phenomena..  I was never fearful of delving 
into the occult arts, even those suspect of being Satanic. This after I had 
found God. Much was bunkum, but other some the extra sensory perceptions, were 
repeatable and verifiable.  I pulled back (out of the Rosicrucians) and the 
lodge, when I saw the danger that it was powerful, more powerful than my 
capabilities to resist. At least I did not want to be involved in what was 
demonstrably evil. I never really believe my powers of resisting are limited in 
any way.  And I tell you no lie. there are supernatural and supra natural 
things that do happen that science cannot explain..  At least I tried.. 
Science, your science disallows any investigation. 


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  Philip M

  Further to my hurried observations of yesterday, I have looked further at 
this and include my deliberations in the attached text file. You'll need to 
ensure that a mono spaced font such as Courier is used to see it properly.

  While I haven't checked this out the long way, the method(s) I used indicate 
that it would work for other number bases also (contrary to what I thought when 
I posted yesterday). See the example outlined for vigesimal at the bottom of 
the file. This could be extended to infinity simply by keeping the number of 1s 
to one less than the base.

  And Philip -- I'm amazed that you offered this as proof of God! And you call 
me gullible!

  Paul D

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  I had seen that previously and found it interesting then. Having forgotten 
it, I find it interesting again.

  Have you checked it or do you just accept it on faith? Knowing you, I'd guess 
the former.

  There are a lot of coincidences in numbers and I'm sure someone who 
understands the structure of numbers could explain it. A thought ... I'd bet 
that it won't work if you change number base -- octal perhaps or like the 
Mayans, vigesimal. But no matter, there would be similar interesting 
coincidences in any number base system.

  Have you ever tried to break people of the habit of assuming that decimal is 
the only base for numbers and that it is 'natural'? It is sometimes a very 
difficult task.

  I mentioned '... a lot of coincidences ...' above. An example (number base = 
10) take any number of numbers divisible by nine and multiply them together. 
Add all the numerals in your answer together and if there are more than two 
numerals left, repeat the process. Continue until there is only one numeral 
left. That numeral will be nine.

  While I haven't time to explore this at the moment, I'd guess that your 
example is also one based on nine. If you add all the numerals in the answer 
together you get 81 and 8 + 1 = 9.

  Paul D

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  Subject: [geocentrism] Proof!

  Paul, I cant understand how you cannot see the proof of God. Its right in 
front of you and He is laughing at us. Philip. 

  111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321 

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