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          Printable two-pager ( one page, two-sided ). I always carry about 20 
of these in my carry bag to give to people around town, and here and there.
  Regner, try and hand-out only 10 per day = $1.60 x 30 = $48.00 per month
  ( .16 per two sided copy x 10 x 30 days ).         : ~ ) 
          Proof of Geocentric Correctness
  that is...... The Earth is NOT Moving! 

  Facts: by Marshall Hall ( book order HERE )
  * There is NO proof that the Earth rotates on an "axis" daily and orbits the 
sun annually. None.
      * All calculations for eclipses, the space program, navigation, satellite 
movements - anything that demands precision and accuracy - are based on a 
non-moving Earth. Boiled down, heliocentric math is the same as Geocentric math.
  * No experiment has shown the Earth to be moving ( much less at 30 times 
rifle bullet speed in solar orbit and at 250 times RBS around a galaxy. One 
would think such speeds would flap one's collar a little even if the "science" 
establishment says no! )
  * Multiple experiments have shown the Earth to be stationary.
  * Revisionist history reveals the roles that Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, 
Newton, Einstein, Sagan et al have played in foisting this LIE on mankind.
  * The logic against a moving Earth is overpowering.
  * World-class astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle said take your pick between the two 
  * Copernicanism paved the way for Darwinism ( which then spawned Marxism, 
Freudism, Einsteinism and Saganism. )
  * Star speeds are not a problem when the thickness of the universe is seen to 
be what it really is, that is, less than half a light day thick ( eight billion 
mile radius ).
  * NASA's space program is labelled "Origins Research" and costs taxpayers 
mega-bucks. Computerized telescopes are programmed to send back "synthesized 
images". The "image warper" permits "geometric transformations" while "origins 
technology... configures the multiple small mirrors..."  in these telescopes. 
Talk about a con job!
  * The Bible says The Earth is NOT Moving and cannot be moved. What'll it be 
folks? False science as the source of absolute truth... or God's Word?
  *Left image: Earth is stationary.  *Right image ( from Niall Kilkenny's 
reformation.org ): sun spiral-orbits Earth, that is... sun's path rotates 
east-to-west nightly with the heavens, and sun oscillates north-south yearly. 
  More at this Internet Website, by Marshall Hall
  turn to page 2 >>>
   Page 2
  * Geocentrism is the Most Exciting, the Fastest Growing and Most Significant 
Truth Movement on the Internet!
  * The Geocentrism Cosmogony will Thrive because it is True. It's adherents 
are multiplying, and are the most Intelligent of men and women.                 
  The following information is claimed by Neville T. Jones, Ph.D. and son 
Steven to undeniably disprove heliocentricity. Therefore it is the most 
important news in the last 464 years to be declared to all the people of the 
  "The ecliptic is often confused with the sun's path. Actually it is the 
apparent course of the sun through the twelve constellations of the Zodiac. The 
sun has a helical motion, but one has to realize that exactly the same helix 
will arise from a sun that goes around an orbit, where that orbit rotates 
precisely with the heavens. In fact, if you plot the position of the sun on the 
helix at time intervals of one day, you will clearly see the orbit. This orbit, 
if the days are sidereal days, will be in the plane of the ecliptic. This is a 
real plane and can be used in exposing the stationary-sun myth.
  In the heliocentric system it must be the World which goes around the sun. 
The sun only has apparent motion [ in the heliocentric system ], so its 
appearance of travelling through the constellations over 12 months is caused by 
the World's movement around its orbit. This orbit must still be in the plane of 
the ecliptic.
  Now for the bottom line: Prove that the World does not go around an orbit in 
the ecliptic plane and we have disproven heliocentricity. Full stop. Period. 
Such disproof brings down acentrism ( acentric cosmology is the idea that any 
point can be taken, WITH EQUAL JUSTIFICATION, as being the centre of the 
universe. This takes away from the World any special place it might otherwise 
be seen to have ). Then the only remaining way of accounting for celestial 
observational fact is Geocentrism.
  Since the sun's actual motion is totally irrelevant to the issue at hand, it 
is scientifically sound to keep the ecliptic plane to the fore. The lecture ( 
Video Presentation 1 - Celestial Poles ) demonstrates that heliocentricity 
cannot be correct, that acentrism therefore cannot be correct, that Geocentrism 
is hence the only viable scheme and that this points undeniably to God's Design 
and Creation. I am satisfied that the Emperor's nudity has now been 
demonstrated and I ask everyone to reconsider their doubts of Biblical 
  "In the heliocentric idea, the World has two motions with respect to the 
fixed stars. Geocentrism explains both, whereas heliocentrism explains one, but 
cannot account for the other. The reason for this is that the plane of the 
ecliptic ( of relevance in either model ) produces an ecliptic polar axis that 
is fixed in the heliocentric idea, but which rotates in a Geocentric universe. 
Since the heliocentric model fundamentally cannot account for observational 
fact, then the model must be wrong."   Neville T. Jones, Ph.D. ( CD-ROM order 
HERE )       

      More at this Internet Website by Neville T. Jones and son Steven:




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