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I donʼt know what the % of humidity would have been and there is no statement 
to that effect but the indication is that it was high...... what I am claiming 
that it is possible to have high humidity and no rain indefinitely, if there is 
insufficient particle seeding . This issue of seeding would hold true even 
today the only difference is the capacity of the mag field......As for pre 
flood world, i examine the conditions nessisary for rain based on what we know 
about clouds and rain even today. Within that body of knowledge there exist the 
possibility of a pre flood world (a different world, smaller world with a 
stronger magnetic field) that would preclude rain even with "to days physics" 
..... The mechanisms I point out are considered observable even by MS 
............Having said that, scripture nowhere states that it never rained 
before the flood, however it certainly could be considered to strongly imply 
that, particularly in the whole construct of
 the context in Gen 2- Gen 7:11which is outlining the condition of the world up 
to the flood ...in any case im just pointing out the feasability of that 
scenario...........I do not think it rained......... nor do i see room for rain 
in the context except that 1650 years passed by...but then the question becomes 
"what does the fact that 1650 years passed before it rained have to do with 
whether or not it rained if the conditions for rain did not exist for 1650 

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Are you claiming that there was ~1,650 years of 100% humidity, no atmospheric 
particles to seed the clouds, and no rain?



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The issuse  is not the first rainbow but the first rain and the text states 
that God did not let it rain  but does indicate how things were wattered absent 
of rain.....Genisis 2:5-6..."there went a mist form the earth and watered the 
whole face of the ground".....all things considered Nevilles point was valid in 
that it needs to be addressed............i did so in my last post .......My 
last post:
Where does it mention clouds in the Genesis?....MS knows that clouds are formed 
via condensation seeds. Further, they claim Cosmic rays/particles entering 
earths atmosphere are the primary external of man made, condensation 
seeds......(trapped cosmic rays form the aurora borealis and such).....The 
amount of these cosmic rays that get into our atmosphere are directly 
correlated to solar activity.. at solar maximum the earths Magnetic field is 
significantly "blown away"/ reduced in its effectiveness, so as to allow for 
cosmic particles to enter the earths magnetic field...... ...However, even MS 
asserts that in the past the earths magnetic field was significantly stronger 
and on a much smaller earth it would be a more dense field as well..thus it is 
conceivable that no cosmic rays were allowed to reach earth in any significant 
quantities to allow for condensation seeds in the atmosphere....strong mag 
field = no cosmic rays=condensation seeds =no clouds=no
 rain ....................... 

I'm from the southeast and on a hot humid days (even without any clouds the 
atmosphere can hold plenty of muggy humidity)..... the morings will be cool 
with plenty of dew.......

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