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dunno maybe names change whether taken from Hebrew, Latin or Greek.  like 
Philip can be Philipe or Philipa..etc.... Never did approve of it meself.. Can 
I ask the question again, 

The English religions seem to have sanctified the language of thee thou and 
thine..  Is this common to all nations..  eg  do the germans say " thy kingdom 
come "   ?  I doubt it..  
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  What Bible version uses these name forms?


  philip madsen wrote: 
    What is 'Esdras' Philip?


    From The DR. 

    The First Book of Esdras This Book taketh its name from the writer: who was 
a holy priest, and doctor of the law. He is called by the Hebrews, Ezra. 1 
Esdras Chapters 1 -10

    The Book of Nehemias (alias The Second Book Esdras) This Book takes its 
name from the writer, who was cupbearer to Artaxerxes (surnamed Longimanus) 
king of Persia, and was sent by him with a commission to rebuild the walls of 
Jerusalem. It is also called the second book of Esdras; because it is a 
continuation of the history, begun by Esdras, of the state of the people of God 
after their return from captivity. 2 Esdras Chapters 1-13 



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