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Dear Philip,
How much of Catholic dogma is affected by this current New Vatican?


The question is phrased with difficulties. Catholic dogma has not and cannot 
change. But the New Vatican institution does no longer inforce any specific 
dogma other than all religions are equal. Hence I do not recognise it as 

But I get your question as "How different is the dogma of the new Vatican from 

In a very practical way Jack. You could visit your local Catholic church and 
find yourself welcome, and they would share fellowship with you. And you would 
not have to change a single thing in which you believe today. In fact they 
would congratulate you, encourage you, and even perhaps ask if you could envite 
them to your own church. Its all "Lovy Dovy"  today. Everybody gets to heaven 
by many doors. 

But you appear to be a fundamentalist..  You would definitely balk at next 
Saturdays visit to pray with the jews in the local synagogue. Muslims on 
thursday.. And then they might not like you so much when they discover your 
fundamentalist traditionalist stance. But so long as you adopt the attitude,  
of no dissent,  of live an let live, its ok. But even you won't go to the 
synagogue would you. .  You might be lumped into my mob and be ostracised.. 

One things certain, you will not find that catholic church  there that is even 
remotely like the one from which you "escaped". I am assuming that was before 

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  Dear Philip,
  How much of Catholic dogma is affected by this current New Vatican?

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    Nicely put, Philip. And I agree with you about popes not being able to 
change the real meaning/message (where that leaves infallibility I don't know), 
so I suppose I see the "New Vatican" idea that you have so often mentioned.

    As for the poem ... well ... don't give up your day job.





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