[geocentrism] Re: Moving-Earth DECEPTION!

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PS   I notice that one point was not made clear in my last posting,

"The second problem is that Robert, Martin, Allen, Philip and others (including myself, as you will notice from my tentative first steps in the Plenum Aether section of my updated "Geostationary satellites in a geocentric universe" paper) suggest that the gravitational 'field' is not produced by the World, but rather by the aether's interaction with the World. It is this point that addresses Dr. Regner's query about other celestial examples of gravity." In this case, the field does not emanate from the World, but from the aether, and the inverse square function is irrelevant. (In exactly the same way, my own exponential function, as an alternative, would also be irrelevant and up for reconsideration.)


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These are perfectly valid points ...

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