[geocentrism] Re: Moving Earth Deception

  • From: Robert Bennett <robert.bennett@xxxxxxx>
  • To: geocentrism@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2007 13:26:38 -0400

  9.    If the firing was done on a trajectory that was at right angles to
the forward motion of the earth around the sun, then again considering the
absolute stationary property of our light beam, during the time of our 1
second journey , both the moon and earth travelling at 30km/sec. will have
moved forward 30km. from the firing line. (no pun)  by the time it marks the
  [Robert Bennett]  This is the key to understanding the import of the NASA
LLR results.
  It's impossible for Earth and Moon to exchange light beams using a single
reflector that always returns the echo in the same direction as
received...... if they are moving parallel to each other .
  If the Earth is motionless, it is not only possible, but actual, as shown
by NASA and stated in my original post and in GWW.
  It is possible to receive the echo with intelligent aiming from  Earth
(leading the target) and from the Moon (aberration correction) .  But the
Moon reflector was not programmed.

  Well there you go.. If you had explainde it in simple terms we would have
known what you meant..

[Robert Bennett] I did explain it a year ago.... in GWW.

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