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My apologies for getting the time wrong, the figure of a little over 2 seconds stuck in my head and I used this as a one-way time.

The two-way time of about two and a quarter seconds is a very long time compared with the coherence time length for visible wavelengths in the atmosphere, so the laser will not follow the same path down as it did on the way up. The beam will be spread considerably over such a distance, so it is not possible to hit an 18"-square reflector with much, if anything. The power of the outward laser beam is limited by thermal blooming, and so on.

However, if it were possible to hit the alleged device with all the radiation of a laser and receive it back again unaffected by our atmosphere, and if Amstrong and Aldrin had actually been to the Moon and left the device there, then we would be able to determine which model was correct in the absolute sense, acentric or geostationary.

This would be because of the reciprocity principle of geometrical optics.


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Paul wrote:
«Regarding Apollo and laser retro-reflectors. We've been this route previously and my views are on record. I am however intrigued by your assertion that these artifacts -- should they exist -- could be used to resolve the helio/geo debate. Further, I am curious, not to mention -- it would seem -- ignorant. Would you explain how this might be resolved? I've given it several seconds consideration |[:-) but no solution suggests itself.»
Dr Neville answered:
«It's based upon the light taking (off the top of my head) about 2.25 seconds to reach the reflector and the same amount of time to return. In this ~ 4.5 seconds, the World would have turned in the heliocentric scenario, but not the geostationary one, and so the return signal would be very significantly displaced from the firing location.»
It seems to me that the results would be similar in both HC and GC since the significant motions of the Earth (in HC) and the little motion of the Moon would be compensated by a significant motion of the Moon (in GC).
Marc V.

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