[geocentrism] Re: Moon landings?

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Dr. Jones -- Am I wrong to assume that if the scripture in Joshua referring
to God stopping the sun in its orbit meant that God stopped the earth from
rotating that the abruptness of coming to a screeching halt from a speed of
1,000-plus mph would send everybody flying?  You offered other proofs as
well.  From what I've read on other sites, the scriptures in Joshua prove  a
static earth.

If the earth is in fact rotating, that means my KJV Bible (that "holy men of
old wrote as they were moved by the Holy Ghost") is not to be trusted; and I
may as well just throw it in the trash.

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> Cheryl - Thank you for your kind words and offers of support.
> Philip - You said:
> "Dear Neville. I have read your new posted article. I must admit that I
had the wrong idea of your assumptions. I thought you meant that the Bible
spoke specifically against space travel. Now I see it only as a problem of
mechanics in a geocentric setting. Thus our difference of opinion, is not
Biblical, but mechanical. Whilst we cannot manipulate the Bible, we can
manipulate mechanics. I'm glad you got the matter of relativity cleared up.
I always mean relative motions. .... I NEVER discuss the magic of the
illusive GR. T H E O R Y.
> "Neville, you said,
> "even if He did stop the World, what effect would that have? Well, we
reasoned above that at least one of the Sun or Moon is orbiting the World.
Take either one. Whatever rate it goes around at when the World is rotating
would be seen to increase dramatically if the World were to stop."
> "I was quite amazed at this excellent biblical proof using Joshua, that
proves it was not the world that stopped. I should have thought of it, but
astronomy , especially the movements are a mystery to me. ..."
> Let me stop you just there, because you now see what I was getting at.
Joshua and Habakkuk prove that the World does not spin on an axis.
> All - Steven, Philip and Dan (I believe) now understand that the Bible
allows us to figure out that the World does not rotate. Can I have some
input from the rest of you on this, before we move to the next knot? Robert,
Jack, Nicholas and Gary, in particular. What do you now think, after the
reasoning presented in "Do the alleged Apollo ..."? Do you agree with
Steven, Philip, Dan(?) and myself, that the Bible teaches not only a
stationary World, but a NON-ROTATING one?
> Please address this issue again (my apologies if I missed one of your
earlier responses).
> Neville.
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