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Paul I searched back hundreds of mails , going back to the 27th Nov, and found 
the diagram..  Yes I had some difficulty..  However my grasp of technical 
terminology is a bit thin..  I had one immediate question.

When you asked about whether it had angular momentum, did you mean with respect 
to the centre of the primary, if so as it is in orbit then it does so have 
angular momentum..  

If you meant angular momentum with respect to the centre of the green 
satellite, then the answer is again in the affirmative. in every instance..  

Philip.  but I will need to look more closely later..   
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  Philip M
  re Moon Rotation -- From Paul Deema Thu Nov 27 01:37:59 2008 (Attachment 
ThreeObjects.png) addressed to Allen D.
  I recall your oft stated difficulty visualising physical motions, moving 
mechanisms et al, but regardless, I am interested in your take on the questions 
included in the illustration. Allen of course has a vested interest in simply 
pronouncing my offerings as "Your post is nonsense!" but I believe that you may 
well be able to see what I am getting at.
  Would you comment please?
  Paul D


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