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Unlike the laws of the land Paul, the laws of physics are made to be broken...  

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  Allen D

  I'll look at this tomorrow but in the meantime -- in one word (where that one 
word is a subset of 'yes/no') -- are the laws of physics the same at all points 
in the universe?

  Paul D

  PS  I Googled "progressive radial oreintaion to a common point" and got zero 
hits. After correcting the spelling errors to get "progressive radial 
orientation to a common point" I got eight hits -- all at 
www.freelists.org/archives/geocentrism, the 'snippets' of which all exhibited 
spelling errors characteristic of Allen Daves. I believe that I am entitled to 
believe that this is a private definition of rotation held by Allen Daves. 

  I then Googled "define:rotation". After rejecting references to tires on 
cars, conduct of card games, games of pool and agricultural practise etc, none 
of the definitions on offer agreed with that offered by Allen Daves.

  I am therefore forced to the conclusion that "progressive radial orientation 
to a common point" is not an agreed definition of 'rotation' and must therefore 
be deprecated.


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