[geocentrism] Moon Rotation

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1. Im not assuming anything , only poinint out that you cant rest your evidence 
on assumptions....that was a argument of your postion not mine...I did 
not attempt to use what the moon would or would not do if it were sudenly 
released from its orbit...only pointing out that niether can you..
2. ....I chose that defining because it sucintly captures the essence of a 
rotaion...but merely having a rotaion does not tell you what is in rotataion 
around what and there in lies your problem....the rotation exist internal or 
external to the body in question or both simoltaniously...i can objectively 
define and demonstrate them ...you resort to counding a motion twice and 
calling it two motions....otherwise you have to demonstrate the distinqution 
between the motion...it is that to which you have not done nor can you using 
your approach...I have proven my affermation by demonstrating the converse of 
it to be in error...that is a indirect proof but logicaly valid untill shown 
otherwise.   I'm sure if you pick up several dictionaries you can find any 
number of deffintions....that does not mean the deffintions are not relevant or 
valid..A progressive radial oreintaion to a common point is a rotation by 
nature..I have already affirmed and demonstrated
 that every rotation has thoes common elements........no your problem is 
demonstrating how that particular deffintion is not valid or relevant or 
somehow in error.  Some things are self evident....If you dont agree that this 
is ...ok, fine...now demonstrate the folly here...They say answeres are easy to 
find, asking the right questions is the real difficulty.......maybe it is 
because you don't properly define your terms first as one the reason you can't 
seem to objectivley show the "real truth" you are trying to demonstrate.

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From: Allen Daves <allendaves@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Moon Rotation
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Date: Wednesday, November 26, 2008, 9:38 AM


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Subject: [geocentrism] Moon Rotation
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Allen D
Comments in <colour>
You said - From allendaves@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tue Nov 25 15:11:56 2008
Evidence!!..where?!.....you cannot claim the moon would rotate if released from 
its orbit without first ASSUMING the AC dynamics is true first and that the 
moon is not fixed in the Firmiment.!!!.<Are you assuming that the Moon IS fixed 
in the firmament?> Making assumptions about the very nature of physics and 
physcial constructs of the universe that is in question is not Evidence it is 
called circular fallicies!!!!!!!..<Hmmm!>...I would have thought that would 
have seeped in by now....  
A rotation...any demonstratable roation is a progresive radial orientaion to a 
common point..<I have been unable to find any reference supporting this 
definition. Can you supply one?>. YOur arguments are inconsistent and self 
Paul D

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