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  • Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 08:53:39 -0800 (PST)

Philip M
Some comments in <colour>

From philip madsen Tue Nov 25 12:23:12 2008 Re: Moon Rotation
Thats an ingenious idea Paul..<Ahem! Thank you ... thank you ...>  Something I 
never visualised.. another way of twisting a cable?  Now I know why my hose 
twists up as I walk around the yard watering..  I'll have to learn to retrace 
my steps ..  Have you investigated the bank/money /Government borrowing  scam 
yet?  Your life does depend on it.. <I've read your 'Funny Money' and Open 
Letter to PM. I will try to put something together soon but it is something I'd 
prefer to spend a little time with. A warning though, I cannot support your 
position. I hope my reasoning will satisfy you even if your conversion is not 

From philip madsen Tue Nov 25 14:30:19 2008 Re: Moon Rotation
That actually is another proof I missed paul..  If the moon lost its primary, 
the earth, it would move off tangentally in a straight line, and it would keep 
its same rotation of 28 days for the Helioman and 24 hours for the 
geoman.. <Exactly so. See attachment prepared in advance and here revealed for 
the very first time!> This could be easily done on the kitchen table, by simply 
doubling the orbit diameter on the model, where in the moon would no longer 
show the same face, 
Paul D

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