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We have knocked this argument on the head by laboratory /kitchen experiment 
before. The moon rotates..  As regards the two systems , in geostatic , the 
moon would have to rotate 24 revs per day..  In the helio system it rotates 
once every "month"..  The 5% poses no problem  , not to me or any ordinary 

check the archives..  Allen refuses to accept a simple geometric answer for 
which we have to thank Regner when he explained translation with and without 

If the moon did not rotate at all, ie it kept one face to a single star or any 
fixed point, . then as it orbited the earth we would have to see its whole 
surface in the course of one orbit. 

It would appear to us to be rotating.. this is another example of what you see 
is not what you got....and none of it effects the geo position
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        Question: In Geocentrism/Geostatic, does the Moon rotate?
        Answer: "Putting a hundred things that factor in aside, the central 
fact which both geo and helio models must accommodate is that the same side of 
the moon ( plus c. 5% as I recall ) is all we ever see from the Earth.  All 
kinds of phenomena could enter into producing that extra 5% ( Harvest and 
Hunter Moon variations; the 31,000 mile in and out spiral every two weeks; some 
kind of inclination constant; etc. ) so I don’t pretend to have that worked 
out. It just seems to me that the answer is basically “no” with some kind of a 
partial rotation incorporated in each revolution which would accommodate—or 
allow to be seen—the extra 5% movement without continuing to rotate.
        Anyway, the same face reality remains and is something that both models 
have to accommodate. The helio accommodation is forced to abandon all 
observational evidence and embrace three major assumptions in order to 
fabricate a mathematical model which must continually lay on a montage of 
assumptions for every claim it makes to achieve the stages to the Kabbalic Big 
Bang “creation scenario”. 
        The first two assumptions are that the Earth rotates and that it orbits 
the sun ( which must stop its observed orbit around the Earth ). But these 
alone simply can not and do not work without the third assumption; namely, that 
the Moon’s direction must be reversed from what is observed.  And, of course, 
its speed must be adjusted so that it will accommodate what is actually seen. 
        I don’t think one person—even “educated” persons—in a thousand realizes 
that the Copernican Mathematical Model could not work unless the Moon’s 
direction is reversed so that it goes the opposite of what is seen.  This is 
not science!  Science ( scire ) means “to know”. If we don’t know what we see 
and what we see never changes ( east to west ) is the truth, then we can never 
know anything and “science” has no meaning. Contrariwise, if we say we know 
what we see and has never changed is the truth because a mathematical model can 
give us a way of denying what we see, then, clearly, we can never truly know 
anything but invented/created mathematical theory and no true “science” can 
exist.  This is the Pharisee way with its Kabbalic “wisdom” which uses 
witchcraft to make lies into truths with its “relativity” and all the rest. 
        God will not let His Word come back void, but it will accomplish what 
it says . . . namely, SUN, STAND THOU STILL, and all the rest . . . The Bible 
and Christ-killing Pharisee Religion’s Big Bang Evolutionary Paradigm is a 
supernaturally empowered clever counterfeit of the truth, and heliocentricity 
is both its keystone and its Achilles Heel.  Marshall Hall  

        Answer: Think about every rotation you can observe 

         . . . it is nothing more than a single point that has a progressive 
radial orientation to a common 

        point . . . now look on the Moon . . . take any fixed point on the Moon 
. . . the only progressive radial orientation made by any fixed point on the 
Moon is to a common point that lay outside the Moon . . . thus the Moon does 
not rotate it orbits . . . a rotation is a progressive radial orientaion to a 
common point that lay internal of the object in rotation . . . i.e. the center 
of a record, drill any hole you want to in it . . . all rotation will be around 
that point that lay inside the record itself . . . where in an orbit the only 
common point that any other point on the Moon can make a progressive radial 
orientation to is at the Earth not the 

        Moon . . . orbit common point outside the body in question . . . 
rotation = common point internal to the body in question . . . the Moon orbits 
it most certainly does not rotate.  Allen Daves 

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