[geocentrism] Missing Nuke

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  • Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 16:44:00 -0700 (PDT)


        Military investigators have confirmed to The Hal Turner Show that
President Bush's personal Presidential authorization code authorized
the removal of five 150 kiloton nuclear warheads from their secure
nuclear storage safes.

Those Investigators also confirmed that the cruise missiles in which
those warheads were placed, were mounted on the wings of the B-52
and not placed in the belly of the plane with other missiles headed
for decommissioning.

When those nuclear cruise missiles arrived at Barksdale AFB,
Investigators say plans were made to move those warheads off the
base, allowing them to be used for what was to be a massive,
nuclear "terrorist" strike against five U.S. cities. They speculate
the attacks would have been blamed on AL-Qaida and used as an excuse
to impose Martial Law in the U.S.

Government officials are scrambling to silence this investigation
becuase it proves definitively that President George W. Bush was
personally complicit in planning terrorist attacks against his own
country for the purpose of declaring Martial law, merging the United
States with other countries after we've been "crippled" by massive
nuclear attacks, implementing "one world government" to "prevent
anything like this from ever happening again" and, of course,
remaining in power forever as absolute Dictator.

Elements inside the U.S. Military are aggressively seeking to arrest
President Bush while top Brass in the military is doing everything
possible to quash the crisis. 

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