[geocentrism] Re: Malleus Maleficarum

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Dear Neville,
What is the point of your question? You know full well what my answer will be, 
you are as familiar with my Bible as I am - Acts 10:9 -16. My Bible is 
different to yours and therefore we have no common ground and that is why I 
ceased arguing with you. My question to you was merely asking what you believe 
about your personal salvation and are there other people who share it? I'm 
aware of what R.C's believe but not you and that's all. I'm not really 
interested in your theology. Assuming that your view of God is correct and that 
you and your family may be the only people in the world to hold to it, then I 
would assume that you will be the only people, this side of the O.T. who will 
have everlasting life. Many will be called but few will be chosen.


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  Dear Jack,

  I never stated that I would be revisiting scripture because of medical 
research, but yes, that would be back to front if I accepted all scripture as 
God-breathed. However, since you have seen my commentaries on Leviticus and 
Numbers you must surely be aware that I do not view all scripture as 
God-breathed. On the contrary, I accept that the "lying pen of the scribes" has 
corrupted huge chunks of it.

  Before I answer your question, you will need to answer one of mine. Why do 
you eat pork?


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