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Dear Jack,

There is nothing naughty about a new-born baby. It has no conception of right and wrong. It is not born with "sin" in it, but rather with the propensity to develop a good side and a bad side. We teach it bad things as it grows.

But as for the bible, if I am quoting things that occur in your bible, then surely you accept them, right? After all, it is not me that is the author of them. The fact that I reject large chunks that you adhere to is irrelevant in your acceptance of those things that I do hold are truthful and genuine. Surely you should be pleased that I have not thrown the whole book in the bin? Surely, in your opinion, that holds out some ray of hope for me?

The point in this discussion was the tribal information contained in the Hebrew scriptures. Where do you get the idea from that you cannot quote to me passages that you accept as true? If you feel that I might present an argument against what you hold to be true, that is a different ball game.

Just like the evolutionists, however, if your position is strong then it will stand up to criticism. If it is not, then it will collapse. No one is stopping you quoting bits of "your" bible, a book whose content was decided upon by a church that you have rejected.


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Dear Neville, you keep speaking of the Bible, but your Bible does not appear to be the same one that mainstream Christianity use. Unless there is agreement on what the Bible is then nobody, in conversation with you, can use quotes from the 'Bible'. My Bible says that we are all born in sin. You do not have to teach children to be naughty, you have to teach them to be good.
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"Are there 'Bloodlines' of good and evil people?"

This is a good question. There are definitely bloodlines, doesn't the bible speak of tribes and are not those tribes assumed to have certain characteristics?

And does not history teach us that certain tribes have been consistently evil? I think that it does, even though those same wicked people try to distort and rewrite history to paint themselves as being persecuted.

And are not the goyim caught in exactly the same traps that they have always been caught in? Me thinks that they are.

Although most people are neither good nor evil, I tend to support the view that some people are intrinsically evil. Not a product of their environment or upbringing, but of their father ... you know who.


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"But they are all doing the beckoning of the Devil's offspring..."
Are there "Bloodlines" of good and evil people?

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