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The trouble with this, Philip, is two-fold. Firstly, most Christians and Jews 
regard "Israel" as being God-ordained. Neville

But not us Neville..  They are a false "Israel." True christians should 
recognise them as the usurpers they are..  especially from scripture. New 
vatican may even be of this tribe. 

We do not disagree in the principle, but perhaps the application of it. 

As regards the OT..  What can I say, but  its a mystery. Just another reason 
for being against private individual reading and/or interpreting of it..  
Especially when one cannot even like what he reads there..  Such requires 
simple submission and trust in Jesus Christ and His Church..  And I recognise 
deeply, the dangers inherent today in those very last two words.  

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  The trouble with this, Philip, is two-fold. Firstly, most Christians and Jews 
regard "Israel" as being God-ordained. This is extremely dangerous, since 
unspeakable atrocities being committed daily on the Palestinian people (who did 
nothing, by the way, but be born in Palestine), are sanctioned as also being 
God-ordained or approved of by God. I do not believe that anything could be 
further from the truth. This leads to Dubya committing genocide in Iraq on the 
pretence that he is a "Christian" and therefore stands with the "Chosen People."

  Secondly, Jews regard the Torah as very much inferior and secondary to the 
Talmud. In fact, many things written in the Torah only start to make some kind 
of sense when elaborated upon in the Talmud.

  When a Catholic bishop has the guts to stand up and say that abortion is 
wrong, or that sodomy is wrong, for example, then I am the first to give him 
credit for this proclamation, but the Catholic Church, perhaps in particular, 
seems to be pro-Zionist and therefore pro-Talmud.


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    Wakey, wakey. Open your hearts and your eyes. If you worship the god of the 
Jews, you worship the Devil, make no mistake about that.


    The bit above you said is True Neville.  But we do not recognise the god of 
the jews, whom those who are called jews, but are not, recognise today. That is 
the religion of the Talmud , of the Devil, whom Jesus recognised and condemned. 

    We recognise the God that  Mary and her family, worshipped. We follow the 
God of those people in the temple where Jesus as a child was presented, and 
later at age 13, he went missing to converse with the priests there. This 
religion he fostered, and redeemed. They became Christians. 

    They were not the Jews, that we know of and call jews today. 



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