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You win!  I obviously don't have a clue what I'm talking about.  What a
moron I am for even trying to persuade you with ridiculous things like
arguments based upon historical facts and unassailable evidence from the
very authors of the KJV themselves.  Silly me.  Perhaps if I would just
learn to sidestep every incontrovertible truth as you do, I could at last be
at peace with God.

I must say to everyone reading these posts that this has been the strangest
debate I have ever had the privilege to be a part of.  Before this, I had
never encountered anyone who disregarded the obvious on every turn.  Now
that Cheryl has convinced me that the KJV authors were anointed of God to
preserve His only true Word, I will just have to accept her position that
the Apocrypha is the Word of God just as those authors believed and so
included in the 1611 KJ Bible.

We should pray that God have mercy on any human being that can't read or
understand old English because, according to Cheryl, they are just out of


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Bob, To the contrary, the preface shows that the KJB is the true Word of
God.  As I said before, the Bibles that came before KJB were good Bibles.  I
said that.

I also said that after KJB was written there were many typos and errors that
had to be fixed.  This does not constitute revision to the finished work.

I said that Tyndale's work was incorporated almost intact.  The translators,
even though they were genius linguists assembed by God for "such a time as
this" (as Queen Esther was), were God-fearing, humble men, who were in great
awe and respect for the work that had come before them.  They saw their
place as agents in the prservation of God's Word and were honored to be used
in that process.  More than anything they credited God with helping them in
thier work, as you quote in the first paragraph you quote of their preface.
And indeed God was with them and they were annointed, as well as being given
physical gifts of language ability and the training to go with it.

God gave his Word in the OT to one people, the Jews, and it was given in one
language-- Hebrew.  Then he gave the New Testament in Greek, one language.
God chose the English language, the isles referred to in Scripture, to
provide the translation for the world that would put the two together, Old
and New Testaments.


You remind me of Nick when he's on the ropes, just play dumb.  How about
admitting you're wrong?


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