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Still on bible anomalies.  
an antediluvian relic,

Creation 4004 BC and that the flood occurred in 2350 BC which was henceforth 
accepted as the "traditional" biblical date,( though there is rival literal 
interpretation similarly inspired, setting the date at 2459 BC)

The history books generally point to 3200 B.C. as the approximate date when the 
pyramid of Khufu was under construction. .. 

So was the pyramid built before the flood .  ?  Not to mention that mankind had 
only 800 years from creation to get into that project. 

Adam lived 930 years and then he died.  So Adam was watching!
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  'History of the Collapse of "Flood Geology" and a Young Earth', as supplied 
in a link from Paul, is little more than a collection of pictures of "House on 
a boat" Noah's Ark drawings and some sketchy comments, which is somewhat 
disappointing for an article that has 111 references in its bibliography!

  However, there are a number of issues that bother me about the Flood, one of 
which is the lack of human fossils. Whitcombe and Morris ("The Genesis Flood") 
estimate an antediluvian population of 1,030,000,000 and this seems to me to be 
a conservative estimate, given the long lifespans quoted in Genesis. So where 
are the human fossils?




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