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Hi Cheryl..Welcome.  Hey I loved all the startreks.. Wonderful fantasy...Never 
once did it make me think of being a Mormon... They have some interesting 
archeological stuff about South America... A bit like the "Chariots of the 
The problem of taking a movie to prove anything is moving is that relativity 
thing.. Who is moving, you or it? To the astronaut doing an 80 minute orbit, he 
thinks he is stationary, feels stationary, and sees an earth spinning below 
doing an 8o minute rotation...  He also, has an 80 minute day with respect to 
the sun. Seeing is not believing HUH?

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  Hi, Group.  I'm Cheryl that Dr. Neville introduced to you.
  I am a new convert.  How did I get converted?  I bumped into Marshall Hall's 
website.  I read it and said, yep, he's probably right.  I went to NASA's 
websites looking for pics of the earth turning, figuring logically that they 
would be the only ones with any proof one way or the other.  I saw no pics of 
the earth turning except for one short little "earth rotation movie" supposedly 
taken from Galileo.  It did not even claim to be a timelapse.  In fact, there 
was no information about how this movie was created at all.  My 16-year old who 
is into graphic arts said it looked like a simulation to her.  Furthermore, I 
know that Galileo was supposed to have looped around the earth.  

  I base my believe not on a great understanding of physics and science.  I am 
not a scientist and I have a woman's pea brain when it comes to physicis.  But 
I have a woman's genius brain when it comes to knowing human nature and logic.  
And I just KNOW that if NASA had proof of the Copernican theory that it would 
be PLASTERED all over everywhere -- starting in the preschool texts and going 
on up through the graduate texts.  They would be using actual photos to 
demonstrate the rotation of the earth (not to mention the so-called orbit of 
the earth around the sun).  These movies and photos would be labeled as such.  
There would be quotes from the astronauts, things like, "I saw the earth in its 
half-phase, saw the continents slowly disappearing behind the shadow," things 
like that.  Many of them have written books, and one of them, Cernan, spent 72 
hous supposedly on the moon.  Who could resist the temptation to be able to 
say, "You guys have only imagined the earth turning.  I h
   ave seen it with my own two eyes."

  Well, there are no such quotes from the astaronauts.  There are also no 
pictures, except the hokey ones made by Calvin Harrison, the Mormon space 
junkie that NASA lets do all their pics on their website.  Calvin is not a 
scientist, his hobby (admitted) is graphic and computer arts, and as a Mormon 
his religion already teaches him that there are countless planets "out there" 
populated with live, most of it more intelligent than ours.  As a Mormon, he 
expects to have his own planet to populate someday when he reaches godhood as 
he supposes.  My sister is a Mormon, and believe me she watches Star Trek as 
though these programs were documentaries, not fairy tales.

  Please write back.  I have nobody to talk to about this subject.  I have a 
lot of questions and a lot of things to share of my own supposings.

  Thanks.  Cheryl

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