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Great web site. So many people are fast asleep from the anaesthetic that 
today?s societies feed them. Secular science and religion are a cauldron of 
theories all mixed together and spoon fed to the public as truth. We can't 
really wake them up. There is no formula. Only God who he has predestined us 
before the foundation of the world to the knowledge of His son who is the only 
truth which we are led to by the Holy Spirit day by day.


Good to have you here.


"Cheryl B." <c.battles@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
When I said I was a convert, I meant to geocentrism. I've been a Christian
for over 30 years. (I'm old.) From the beginning I gobbled up information
on creationism. I was able to think for myself enough to refute the space
junkies or anyone who claimed there was life on other planets by pointing
out that Genesis teaches that the sun, moon and stars were not created until
the fourth day, and looks to me like the stars were put up as decorations
and directional signs to sailors and such and to declare the glory of God,
and what is God going to do with all those people on other planets when He
already had second thoughts about the life he had started on THIS planet.
But I'd hear this stuff all the time from Christians, even those who had
been to seminary.

Goes to show that sometimes great intelligence is less importance than
common sense and knowing the basics of the scriptures (i.e. read Genesis.)

I'm one of those people I think that Marshall Hall describes in his website
that is a
"lover of the truth" - and he does in fact go into that quality quite a lot.
I had just been thinking about that myself, the scripture about God wanting
us to be hot or cold rather than lukewarm. It's true that the ones who are
ice cold at least love the truth. It's just that they are committed to a
lie but don't know it. It's the ones who don't give a hoot one way or the
other or who think they way they do because it's convenient or because
somebody told them it was this way, so why not? -- people who just don't
care drive me nuts.

I'm friends with prolifers who get out on the streets, go to jail all the
time for what they believe in. They are my friends, and I've been sharing
some of this stuff with them. They are receptive to listening to me. Why?
Because they love truth and are eager to find it wherever or whatever it is.

Also, as prolifers, activists, we've seen so many lies by the
"auathorities" -- the pseudoscience of Planned Parenthood, the evolutionists
and their phony proofs, the Zero Population Growth and "overpopulation"
alarmists, the environmaniacs, the feminists and homo groups, the sex ed
people, all the socialists, the medical industry and their lies about their
awful pills and methods -- after all these groups, these respectable and
accepted groups, and having seen they are all liars -- it's easy to take
Jesus at his word when he says, Love not the world.

So prolifers pretty much do NOT love the world, and we don't believe much if
anything that we read or hear from the atheist, liberal, proabort,
socialist, communist, evironmaniacal people who worship "science so-called."

I have been disgusted with NASA for many years, the way they point satellite
dishes into space to try to pick up communications from the "aliens" they
believe are flourishing out there.

I have a website. I try to expose this nonsensical brainwashing to poor,
impressionable schoolchildren. It's called www.educratsdictionary.com.

It needs to be updated, and I want to get a discussion group going. But you
can see from it that I saw through NASA awhile ago. (i.e. the site's been
up for five years and I wrote the stuff that's in it maybe eight years ago.)

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Subject: [geocentrism] Re: Hello, group.

> Dear Cheryl,
> I wrote my other posting to you before I saw this one. It just goes to
> that there are many ways of finding out about God. Presumably you belong
> some kind of Christian church? How do they respond to your interest in
> things of creationism and geocentrism?
> Jack Lewis
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> Subject: [geocentrism] Hello, group.
> > Hi, Group. I'm Cheryl that Dr. Neville introduced to you.
> > I am a new convert. How did I get converted? I bumped into Marshall
> Hall's website. I read it and said, yep, he's probably right. I went to
> NASA's websites looking for pics of the earth turning, figuring logically
> that they would be the only ones with any proof one way or the other. I
> no pics of the earth turning except for one short little "earth rotation
> movie" supposedly taken from Galileo. It did not even claim to be a
> timelapse. In fact, there was no information about how this movie was
> created at all. My 16-year old who is into graphic arts said it looked
> a simulation to her. Furthermore, I know that Galileo was supposed to
> looped around the earth.
> >
> > I base my believe not on a great understanding of physics and science.
> am not a scientist and I have a woman's pea brain when it comes to
> But I have a woman's genius brain when it comes to knowing human nature
> logic. And I just KNOW that if NASA had proof of the Copernican theory
> it would be PLASTERED all over everywhere -- starting in the preschool
> and going on up through the graduate texts. They would be using actual
> photos to demonstrate the rotation of the earth (not to mention the
> so-called orbit of the earth around the sun). These movies and photos
> be labeled as such. There would be quotes from the astronauts, things
> "I saw the earth in its half-phase, saw the continents slowly disappearing
> behind the shadow," things like that. Many of them have written books,
> one of them, Cernan, spent 72 hous supposedly on the moon. Who could
> the temptation to be able to say, "You guys have only imagined the earth
> turning. I h
> > ave seen it with my own two eyes."
> >
> > Well, there are no such quotes from the astaronauts. There are also no
> pictures, except the hokey ones made by Calvin Harrison, the Mormon space
> junkie that NASA lets do all their pics on their website. Calvin is not a
> scientist, his hobby (admitted) is graphic and computer arts, and as a
> Mormon his religion already teaches him that there are countless planets
> "out there" populated with live, most of it more intelligent than ours.
> a Mormon, he expects to have his own planet to populate someday when he
> reaches godhood as he supposes. My sister is a Mormon, and believe me she
> watches Star Trek as though these programs were documentaries, not fairy
> tales.
> >
> > Please write back. I have nobody to talk to about this subject. I have
> lot of questions and a lot of things to share of my own supposings.
> >
> > Thanks. Cheryl
> >

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