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Dr. Jones -- Sorry.  I said golden triangle.  I meant golden rectangle.
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> Cheryl,
> Take a look at Steven's page, "Flower Pattern Discovery," under "The
Universe," on
> www.midclyth.supanet.com
> The mathematics is absolutely IDENTICAL for each image. This destroys the
acentric myth quite nicely.
> Neville.
> "Cheryl B." <c.battles@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Gary and everyone -- I still want to know, is there nothing at all that
> be observed from another vantage point (besides Earth) that would reveal a
> clue as to what is really happening? Would everything be what we already
> see but in reverse? Since there are so many other models that could
> explain what's happening, can it possibly be true that taking another
> vantage point (i.e. as from Voyager or the moon) -- where we are far
> away to see the earth in its entirety, where we could discover something
> about the orbits of ANYTHING?
> It would not be possible to determine that the earth was not moving but
> everything else WAS?
> Surely this can't be so!
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