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You need a good dose of Bad Astronomy.  The folks there will gladly clarify
any relative motion questions you have.  But I suggest you browse through a
couple of topics that I participated in last year.  You will notice I
thought like yourself in the beginning.

The first is a topic that I actually started, unbelievable as that seems to
me now....

"Relative Motion Falls Apart When applied to Planes"

The next is a topic begun by a devout acentrist athiest named Maksutov.

"Thinking about geocentrism"

I did not agree with these people but I could not counter their superior
academic arguments.  Still, it was interesting taking the battle to "their
turf".  I personally believe that they made some good points and we need to
be able to answer all of them, just as the creationists have a counter to
every single evolution premise put forward.


Gary Shelton

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> A friend told me the whole moon landing thing was staged in Las Vegas,
> the film crew all had untimely deaths later, and they were pacified with
> hookers and parties during hte shoot.
> If they did go to the moon I'd like to know why not one single astronaut
> commented about observing the earth turning.  I realize that it takes 12
> hours for one side of the earth to completely move around, but it would
> still be apparent to anyone looking that the earth was turning.
> If you went to the moon and believed the earth was turning, wouldn't you
> want to brag about having seen it with your own two eyes?
> Cheryl

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